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Jazz from Gallery 41: Playlist - Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Jazz from Gallery 41: Playlist - Wednesday, 06 September 2017
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Artist / Track / Album Title / Label

John Daversa / Be Free / Wobbly Dance Flower (BBFM)
Steve Smith & Vital Information / Rhythm-A-Ning / Heart Of The City (BFM)
Steve Smith & Vital Information / Eight+Five / Heart Of The City (BFM)
Dave Potter / Night Dreamer / You Already Know (Summit)
Tony Allen / Moody Boy / The Source (Blue Note)
Dave Stryker / Footprints / Strykin' Ahead (Strykezone)Mike Boone Quartet / Up Jumped Bootsie / Beneath The Surface (Truth Revolution)
Vijay Iyer Sextet / Poles / Far From Over (ECM)Kuumba / Island In The Sun(Ra) / Reunion (Eastlawn)
Josh Nelson / Stairways / The Sky Remains (Origin)
Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet / Where Are We Now / Jersey (Motema)
Adam Niewood / Vertigo / Paradigm Shift (Vectordisc)
The Microscoptic Septet / Dark Blue / Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me: The Micros Play The Blues (Cuneiform)
Codona / Like That Of Sky / Codona (ECM)
Behn Gillece / Walk Of Fire / Walk Of Fire (Posi-Tone)
McCoy Tyner / Atlantis / Atlantis (Milestone)

New Releases (August/September 2017) 
Label/Artist / Title

Ad Astrum
The Liberation Music Collective / Rebel Portraiture
Mike Downes / Root Structure
Andy Adamson / First Light
Adrian Cunningham / Jazz Speak
John Daversa / Wobbly Dance Flower
Steve Smith & Vital Information / Heart Of The City
Blue Land
Brian Landrus / Generations
Blue Note
Ambrose Akinmusire / A Rift In Decorum: Live At The Village Vanguard
Tony Allen / The Source
George Freeman / 90 Going On Amazing
Ernest McCarty and Jimmie Smith / A Reunion Tribute to Errol Garner
Vadim Neselovskyi Trio / Get Up And Go
Dylan Taylor / One In Mind
Shea Walsh / Arrival
Brooklyn Jazz Underground
Anne Mette Iversen / Ternion Quartet
Anne Mette Iversen Quartet + 1 / Round Trip
Jorn Swart / Malnoia
Katie Thiroux / Off Beat
Cellar Live
Andrew Scott Quartet / The Brightest Minute
Creative Perspective Music
Joris Teepe and Don Braden / Conversations
Alex Cline’s Flower Garland Orchestra / Oceans Of Vows
Dot Time
John Menegon / Blew By Blues
Teri Roiger / Ghost Of Yesterday
Double Moon
Ear Up
Jeff Coffin / Next Time Yellow
Matt White Super Villain Big Band / Worlds Wide
Kuumba / Reunion
John Abercrombie / Up & Coming
Vijay Iyer Sextet / Far From Over
Keith Jarrett / A Multitude Of Angels 
Stephan Micus / Inland Sea
Eclectus Records
Laura Ainsworth / New Vintage
Edition Records
Danys Baptiste / Late Trane
Django Bates / Saluting Sgt. Pepper
Girls In Airports / LIVE
Gary Husband / A Meeting of Spirits
Mario Laginha, Julian Arguelles, Helge Andreas Norbakken / Setembro
Rob Luft / Riser
Malija / Instinct
Stuart McCallum / City Live
Verneri Pohjola / Pekka
Phronesis / The Behemoth
Christina Pluhar / Handel Goes Wild
Essential Messenger
Larry Newcomb / Living Tribute
Jason Kao Hwang / Sing House
Fresh Sound / New Talent
Darren Barrett dB-iSH / The Opener
Jamie Reynolds / Grey Mirror
Gold Fox
Brett Gold NY Jazz Orchestra / Dreaming Big
Gut String
Nathan Brown Trio / This Is The Moment
Heads Up
Mike Stern / Trip
Ron Francis Blake / Assimilation
Yuri Seo / Mostly Piano
Jazz Cave
Joe Davidian Trio / Live At The Jazz Cave Vol. Two
Krug Park
Ken Wiley / Urban Horn Project
L & H
Yelena Eckemoff / In The Shadow of a Cloud
Mack Avenue
John Beasley / Monk'estra Vol. 2
Christian McBride Big Band / Bringin' It
Cecile McLorin Salvant / Dreams & Daggers
Mascot Music
Stanton Moore / With You In Mind
Meistero Music
Ed Neumeister / Wake Up Call
Calabria Foti / In The Still Of The Night
Motema Music
Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet / Jersey
Arturo O'Farrill and Chucho Valdes / Familia
Unhinged Sextet / Don't Blink
Josh Nelson / The Sky Remains
Triocity / I Believe In You
Jane Ira Blooom / Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson
Outside In Music
Paul Jones / Clean
Matt Wilson's Honey and Salt
Ralph Bowen / Ralph Bowen
Jon Davis / Happy Juice
Behn Gillece / Walk Of Fire
Rare Noise
Philipp Gerschlauer and David Fiuczynski / MikroJazz!
Red Piano Records
Henrique Eisenmann / The Free Poetics of Henrique Eisenmann
San Francisco String Trio / May I Introduce to You...
Matt Clappy / Church And State
Chad Doxas / Rich In Symbols
John Dokes / Forever Reasons
Carolyn Fitzhugh / Simply Amazing
Hinda Hoffman / Driftin' at the Lake
Brian Hudson / Next Level
Tom Kohl / Dances with the Sun
Vanessa Ricci / Italiana Fresca
Jen Siukola / Lighthouse Reverie
Michael Zaporski / Two Worlds
Smoke Sessions
Harold Mabern / To Love And Be Loved
Sonic Camera
Ben Allison / Layers Of The City
Harris Eisenstadt / Recent Developments
Sony Music Latin
Negroni's Trio / New Era
Dave Stryker / Strykin' Ahead
Gerald / Beckett
Dave Potter / You Already Know
Dave Askren - Jeff Benedict / Come Together
The Reunion Project / Varanda
Truth Revolution
Mike Boone Quartet / Beneath The Surface 
Uniqek Sound Records
Harold Little / Akoben
Urbane Jazz
Charles Overton Group / Convergence
Bill Goodwin / At The Lafayette Bar
Adam Niewood / Paradigm Shift
Veda Music
Dave Kline Band / Shifting Borders
Carol Welsman / For You
Whaling City Sound
Miles Donahue / The Bug
Steve Langone Trio / Breathe
Marcus Monteiro / Another Part Of Time
Whirlwind Records
Gareth Lockrane Big Band / Fistfight At The Barndance
XAS Records
The Prism Quartet with So Percussion / Color THeory

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