Monday, February 20, 2017

Jazz from Gallery 41 Reactivating Web Broadcasts

We have some exciting news for you.  We are in the process of reactivating the Jazz from Gallery 41 web broadcasts on new servers.  We will be streaming music 24/7 and our format will of course cover the entire Jazz spectrum...from the Blues to the Avant-Garde.  There will be classic recordings by the Jazz masters of the past century as well as new recordings by those artists who are now taking the music to new and exciting places utilizing contemporary rhythms, harmonies, and instrumentation.  Our program schedule will include regular live programs from our studios overlooking the San Francisco Bay, with occasional in-studio guests, interviews and live performances.  Everything is coming together quite well, and you can already come by to share the music with us.  Work is still in progress, rebuilding our main website, and getting everything ready to launch our live broadcast schedule.  Continue to watch this space, and do please just click right here and come on by and share the music with us now.

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Sam Berger said...

Ron this is great news! I was very sorry to hear of KCSM's removal of G41 from the Sunday schedule(and In The Soul KItchen, too). I've sent a letter to Dante to outline my disappointment.

In any event you can bet that I'll be tuning into to your streaming shows often. Keep up the great work. It's of great value to myself, and I'm sure many others.

All the best,