Monday, August 8, 2016

"Cactus" - Drummer Bobby Kapp / Pianist Matthew Shipp new on Northern Spy Records

 Bobby Kapp / Matthew Shepp "Cactus" on Northern Spy

Northern Spy Records staff has admired Bobby Kapp and Matthew Shipp since before starting the label .  While working at the seminal free jazz label ESP-Disk we were immersed in that deep catalog.  It's no small feat that Bobby Kapp's drumming on Noah Howard's "At Judson Hall" and Gato Barbieri's "In Search of the Myster" stood out as incredibly special.  And we marveled at his performance in Henry English's 1967 short film "You See What I'm Saying".  And Matthew Shipp!  We've been lucky enough to catch many life-altering concerts.  Shipp's records are frequently at the top of our list of favorites from the year.

As Clifforn Allen's notes attest, this pairing has only recently come together.  It's thrilling to release the first studio record by this duo.  "Cactus" is a burner.  And it's sure to satisfy fans of both musicians and lead to news ones.

- Adam Downey, NSPY

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