Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Wednesday, January 22, 2014 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Wednesday, January 22, 2014 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific
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Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)
Tim Hegarty / Simone / Tribute (Miles High)
Matt Wilson / Get Over, Get Off, And Get On / Gathering Call (Palmetto)
Pete Mills / Shiner / Sweet Shadow (Cellar Live)
John Abercrombie / Vertigo / 39 Steps (ECM)
Sean Sullivan / Wash My Soul / Hereafter (SeanSongs)
P.J. Rasmussen / A Study In Scarlet / Another Adventure (Third Freedom)
Mike DiRubbo / Excellent Taste / Chronos (Posi-Tone)
Tim Warfield / Inspire Me! / Inspire Me! (HHM)
David Gibson / This End Up / A Little Somethin' (Posi-Tone)
John Scofield / Al Green Song / Uber Jam Deux (Emarcy)
Al Green / Lay It Down / Lay It Down (Blue Note)
Steve Davis / I Found You / For Real (Posi-Tone)
Amy Cervini / Calling You / Jazz Country (Anzic)
Corey Weeds / Something Borrowed, Something Blue / Let's Go! (Cellar Live)
Ralph Alessi / Maria Lydia / Baida (ECM)
Eberhard Weber / The Colours Of Chloe / The Colours Of Chloe (ECM)
Bobby Kapp / Naima / El Guero Azul (Robert Kaplan)
John Coltrane / India / Impressions (Impulse)
Lee Morgan / Yes I Can, No You Can't / The Gigolo (Blue Note)
Thelonious Monk / Japanese Folk Song / Straight, No Chaser (Columbia)
Falkner Evans / The Point Of The Moon / The Point Of The Moon (CAP)
Enrico Rava / Thank You, Come Again / New York Days (ECM)

New Releases (Recent Adds January 2014) Label/Artist / Title

Amy Cervini / Jazz Country (February)
Barnes & Cabasso
Cheryl Barnes / Listen To This
Barbara Levy Daniels / Love Lost And Found
Cellar Live
Pete Mills / Sweet Shadow
Corey Weeds / Let's Go!
Commonwealth Ave. Prod.
Robert Prester / Dogtown
Concord Jazz
Helen Sung / Anthem For A New Day
Creative Bottle
Scott Jeppesen / El Guapo
Dotted i
Lauren Kinhan / Circle In A Square
First Orbit Sounds
Joe De Rose and Amici / Peace Streets
Tim Warfield / Inspire Me
The Larry Gelb Trio / The Love Song of Ian Ops
Jazzed Media
L.A. 6 / Frame Of Mind
Dee Bell & Marcos Silva / Silva-Bell-Elation
Matt Criscuolo / Blippity Blat
Miles High
Tim Hegarty / Tribute
Cava Menzies | Nick Phillips / Moment To Moment
Jane Ira Bloom / Sixteen Sunsets
Matt Wilson / Gathering Call
Steve Davis / For Real
Rhinocerus Music
Russ Nolan / Relentless
Sean Sullivan / Hereafter
Smoke Sessions
Harold Mabern / Right On Time
Table Pounding
David Krakauer / The Big Picture
Third Freedom
PJ Rasmussen / Another Adventure
Three P's Records
Matt Renzi / Rise and Shine
Bill Goodwin / Raise Four
The Reese Project / Comin' Home Baby
Victory Jazz Quartet / Origin
Rob Derke & The NY Jazz Quartet / Blue Divide

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