Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Steve Gadd Band at Yoshi's in Oakland, Jack London Square "OH-YEAH!!!"

If you have plans whatsoever of being in the SF Bay Area, in particular the East Side of the bay in Oakland, I strongly suggest that you treat yourself to dinner first and then the music of The Steve Gadd at Yoshi's in Jack London Square.  I went to hear the band last night, and it was truly amazing!  Larry Goldings on keys, Walt Fowler on trumpet/flugelhorn, Jimmy Johnson playing the bass and Michael Landau playing...I say PLAYING the guitar.  Steve's newest release is "Gadditude" on the BFM Jazz label.  They played several of the pieces on the album during the live show, and some "oldies but goodies", for instance they just smoked Jan Hammer's "Oh-Yeah".


Steve's sense of dynamics is remarkable, as is his getting in the pocket no matter the the rhythm or syncopation or music behind it.  He and Jimmy Johnson together are amazingly powerful as they drive the rhythm section through the various highs, lows, changes...

This may be kind of late notice, but you should perhaps also check your local club listings to see if they are coming to your area during this tour.  It's quite something to hear a band like this in such an intimate club setting.   If they are anywhere within a 50 mile radius of you, just get there.  You will not be at all disappointed.

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