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Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Tuesday, September 24, 2013 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Tuesday, September 24, 2013 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific
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Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)
Tim Horner / The Dance / The Head Of The Circle (Origin)
Francois Houle & Havard Wiik /Fallen Angel / Aves (Songlines)
Harris Eisenstadt / Sandy / Golden State (Songlines)
Sketches / Trust / Volume One (Baldhill Records)
Michael Pedicin / Then I Saw You / Why Stop Now (Ground Blue)
Ed Reed / That's The Beginning Of The End / I'm A Shy Guy (Blue Shorts)
Archie Shepp / What Would It Be Without You / For Losers (Impulse)
Bill Evans / Theme From Mash / You Must Believe In Spring (WB)
Bill Mays Inventions Trio / Homage to Bill Evans (My Bells, Interplay, Turn Out The Stars, Waltz For Debby) / Life's A Movie (Chiaroscuro)
Phil Woods / Goodbye Mr. Pepper / New Celebration (Chiaroscuro)
Art Pepper / The Trip / The Trip (Contemporary)
Nicky Schrire / When You Go / Space And Time (NS)
Gordon Grdina / Limbo / No Difference (Songlines)
Samuel Blaser / Hymn / A Mirror To Hachaut (Songlines)
Justin Morell / Sun Subtle / Subjects and Complements (Sonic Frenzy)
Justin Morell / Lorac / Subjects and Complements (Sonic Frenzy)
Dick Weller / Rainy Days and Mondays / Tunes Remembered (Primrose Lane)
Ian Torres Big Band / Birth 2008 (1-5) / January (BluJazz)
Miles Davis / Splash / Water Babies (Columbia)

Recent Adds (August/September 2013) Label/Artist / Title

13th Thirteenth Note:
Billy Mintz / Mintz Quartet
Trevor Anderies:
Trevor Anderies & Slumgum / The Sky His Own
AfroHORN Francisco Mora-Catlett / Rare Metal
Shirantha Beddage / Identity
Advance Dance Disques:
Michelle Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba
America Showplace Music:
Bob Devos / Shadow Box
A.T. Music:
Lyn Stanley / Lost In Romance
BFM Jazz:
Tierney Sutton / After Blue
Bionic Records:
The Wee Trio / Live At The Bistro
Blue Bamboo Music:
Carol Morgan / Retroactive
Blue Note:
Gregory Porter / Liquid Spirit
The Elect Tet / Shiny Metal Objects
Marsha Heydt / Diggin' The Day
Ian Torres / January
Blue Shorts:
Ed Reed / I'm A Shy Guy
Mike Jones Trio / Plays Well With Others
Ken Peplowski / Maybe September
Frank Potenza / For Joe
Ali Ryerson / Game Changer
Cellar Live:
The Miles Black Trio / Love at Corey Weeds' Cellar Club
Jesse Cahill / Night Crawlers Volume 3
Tardo Hammer / Simple Plesure
Charleston Square:
Scott Hamilton / Swedish Ballads…& More
Chiaroscuro / Bill Mays / Life's A Movie
Phil Woods / New Celebration
Hutchinson Andrew Trio / Prairie Modern
Concord Jazz:
Chick Corea / The Vigil
Roberto Fonseca / Yo
Dave Holland / PRISM
D Clef:
Diego Rivera / The Contender
Five Play Jazz:
Five Play Jazz Quintet / Five & More
Ground Blue:
Michael Pedicin / Why Stop Now UBUNTU
Grr8 Records:
Kellye Gray / And They Call Us Cowboys
Gut String:
David Sills / Blue's The New Green
Jeff Lorber Fusion / Hacienda
High Note:
Kenny Burrell / Special Requests
Ethan Iverson / Costumes Are Mandatory
Steve Turre / The Bones Of Art
Jazzed Media:
Lorraine Feather / Attachments
Judy Wexler / What I See
Jazz Music City:
Imer Santiago / Hidden Journey
Jazz Village:
Ahmad Jamal / Saturday Morning
Joda Music:
Joseph Daley / The Seven Heavenly Virtues
Justin Time:
Halie Loren / Simply Love
Marty Krystall / Moments Magical
Owl Trio / Owl Trio
Mack Avenue:
Kenny Garrett / Pushing The World Away
Mack Avenue Super Band / Live
Mahogany Jazz:
Kathy Kosins / The Space Between
Manuel Valera / Expectativas
Geri Allen / Grand River Crossings
Greg Goebel / Rainy City
Florian Hoefner Group / Falling Up
Ted Brancato / The Next Step
Chicago Jazz Orchestra / Burstin' Out!
Anne Drummond / Revolving
Tim Horner / The Head Of The Circle
Dave Slonaker Big Band / Intrada
Clark Sommers / Clark Sommers' Ba(SH)
Fred Hersch and Julian Lage / Free Flying
Janis Siegel / Nightsongs
Sergio Galvao / Phantom Fish
Planet Arts:
Tom Dempsey / Saucy
Plastic Sax:
Ted Nash / Chakra
Will Bernard / Just Like Downtown
Nick Hempton / Odd Man Out
Primrose Lane:
Dick Weller / Tunes Remembered
Pulsa Music:
Mauricio De Souza / Different Directions
Allen Toussaint / Songbook
Savage Music:
Matt Savage / A Bigger Celebration
Randy Brecker - Wlodek Pawlik / Night In Calisia
Ray Mantilla / The Connection
Nicky Schrire:
Nicky Shrire / Space And Time
Samuel Blaser Consort In Motion / A Mirror To Machaut
Harris Eisenstadt / Golden State
Gordon Grdina / No Difference
Francois Houle & Havard Wiik / Aves
Sonic Frenzy:
Justin Morell Dectet / Subject and Complements
Pete McGuinness / Voice Like A Horn
New West Guitar Group / Big City
Deborah Shulman / Get Your Kicks
Wide Hive:
Calvin Keys / Electric Keys
Wide Hive Players / Turnstyle

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