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Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Tuesday, June 04, 2013 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Tuesday, June 04, 2013 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific
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Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)
Steve Lindeman / Llevame ya al Mundo de las Maravillas / The Day After Yesterday (Jazz Hang)
Robin Bessier / Other Side Of Forever / Other Side Of Forever (RB Music)
Jan Garbarek / In Praise Of Dreams / In Praise Of Dreams (ECM)
Freddy Cole / I Saw Stars / This and That (High Note)
Jerry Bergonzi / 114 W. 28th Street / By Any Other Name (Savant)
Kim Richmond / Horizon Under / Artistry A Tribute To Stan Kenton (Mama)
Bob Mover / Muggawump / My Heart Tells Me (Motema Music)
Marc Cary / When I’m Called Home / For The Love Of Abbey (Motema Music)
David Murray / Hope Is A Thing With Feathers / Be My Monster Love (Motema Music)
 Michael Hackett / New Point Of View / New Point Of View (Summit)
Eddie Daniels & Roger Kellaway / In A Sentimental Mood / Duke At The Roadhouse (IPO)
Keith Jarrett / Somewhere-Everywhere / Somewhere (ECM)
Jack DeJohnette / From The Heart / Oneness (ECM)
Happy Birthday Anthony Braxton / Recorded Interview with Anthony
Max Roach & Anthony Braxton / Birth / Birth and Rebirth (Black Saint Rcds.)
Wallace Roney / Combustible / Understanding (High Note)

Recent Adds (May/June 2013) Label/Artist / Title

Michael Blanco / No Time Like The Present
Le Boeuf Brothers / Remixed
Pascal Le Boeuf / Pascal’s Triangle
American Showplace:
Vince Ector / Organatomy
Marlene Ver Planck / Ballads...Mostly
Basin Street:
Davell Crawford / My Gift To You
Kermit Ruffins / We Partyin’ Traditional Style
KCNS / From The Hip
Blue Chip Jazz:
Greg Abate & Gary Smulyan / First Encounter
Blue Note:
Terence Blanchard / Magnetic
Concord Jazz:
Emily Bear / Diversity
Eliane Elias / I Thought About You
Steve Tyrell / It’s Magic
Connection Works:
Michel Gentile / Works
Denise King & Olivier Hutman / Give Me The High Sign
Kahil El’Zabar / What It Is
Arthur Majewski | Kubar Suchar / Absent Minded
Nicole Mithcell / Aquarius
Keith Jarrett / Somewhere
High Note:
Jerry Bergonzi / By Any Other Name
Freddy Cole / This and That
Wallace Roney / Understanding
Eddie Daniels & Roger Kellaway / Duke At The Roadhouse
Frank Wess / Magic 101
Jazz Hang:
Steve Lindeman / The Day After Yesterday
Jazz Legacy Productions:
Mark Gross / Blackside
Jazzed Media:
Steve Heckman / Born To Be Blue
June Moon:
Deborah Latz / Fig Tree
 Acuna, Hoff, Mathisen / Barxeta
Diane Marino / Loads Of Love
Mack Avenue:
Yellowjackets / A Rise In The Road
Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor / The Colonel & The Governor
Motema Music:
Jaimeo Brown / Trancendence
Will Calhoun / Life In This World
Marc Cary / For The Love Of Abbey
Eldar Djangirov / Breakthrough
Joe Locke / Lay Down My Heart
Nilson Matta / Black Orpheus
Charnett Moffett / The Bridge Solo Bass Works
Bob Mover / My Heart Tells Me
David Murray / Be My Monster Love
Larry Corban / The Circle Starts Here
Angela Davis / The Art of The Melody
Nine Winds:
Trevor Anderies / Shades Of Truth
Pat Metheny / TAP
Joshua Redman / Walking Shadows
Chris Amemiya / In the Rain Shadow
Lynn Baker Quartet / LectroCoustic
Michel Camilo / What’s Up
Bob James & David Sanborn / Quartette Humaine
Diego Barber & Hugo Cipres / 411
Corey Christiansen / Lone Prairie
Cecilia Coleman Big Band / Who Am I?
Wayne Wallace / Latin Jazz-Jazz Latin
Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece / Top Shelf
Noah Haidu / Momentum
Sean Nowell / The Kung-Fu Masters
Primary Records:
Steven Lugerner / For We Have Heard
Public Hi-Fi:
Dupree / Nuestro Camino
Random Act:
Tony Adamo / Miles Of Blu
Jeff Berlin / Low Standards
RB Music:
Robin Bessier / Other Side Of Forever
Right Groove:
Nicholas Bearde / Visions
JD Allen / Grace
Jim Snidero / Stream Of Consciousness
Gene Ess / Fractal Attraction
Benoit Belbeq & Fred Hersch Double Trio / Fun House
Michael Blake / In The Grand Scheme Of Things
Chris Clark / Cedar Wisely
Studio N:
David Arnay / 8
Michael Hackett / New Point Of View
Kim Richmond / Artistry
Rose & The Nightingale / Spirit Of The Garden
Clotilde Rullaud / In Extremis
John O’Gallagher / The Anton Weber Project
Jeff Williams / The Listener
Wide Hive:
Larry Coryell / The Lift
Roscoe Mitchell / Duets

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