Thursday, August 23, 2012

Featured New Release: "Split Decision" from Makaya McCraven

A trio recording led by drummer Makaya McCraven that includes Andrew Toombs on piano, and Tim Seisser playing the bass.  Just released on the Chicago Sessions label produced by Nick Eipers, it is a truly genuinely unique approach to the piano trio format, and a perfect debut recording for the leader.

Split Decision

Makaya McCraven was born in Paris into a musical family, his father a drummer and his mother a well-known folk singer in her native Hungary.  Ultimately he moved to the U.S., and following studies at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, he eventually settled in Chicago where he's recently recorded with guitarist Bobby Broom.

Quoting Makaya, "I like the music to be tight, even when it's loose, if that makes sense.  I can play in a completely improvised situation, but I like to create the illusion that it's not completely improvised."

His approach to this recording is a marvelous example of his creativity and musicianship, as well as his very tasteful writing as all but three of the ten tracks on the recording were penned by himself.

Don't usually give "stars" around here, but if I would be Five Stars all the way for "Split Decision" by Makaya McCraven and his trio.

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