Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist – Thursday, June 21, 2012 – 2 PM to 5 PM Pacific

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Thursday, June 21, 2012 – 2 pm to 5 pm Pacific
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Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)
Don Pullen / Big Alice / Tomorrow’s Promises (Atlantic)
Cindy Blackman / My Funny Valentine / Someday (High Note)
David Friesen / Signs and Wonders / Two For The Show (Summit)
Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors / What Is Love / Rhyme and Reason (Inarhyme)
Luis Perdomo / Berimvela / The Infancia Project (Criss Cross)
Natalie Cressman / Flip / Unfolding (Natalie Cressman)
Tim Davies Big Band / Counting To Infinity / Dialmentia (Origin)
Brandon Wright / Wonderwall / Journeyman (Positone)
Ralph Bowen / Exosphere / Total Eclipse (Positone)
Cory Wong / Vapors / Quartet | Quintet (Cory J Wong)
David Basse / Parker’s Mood / Uptown (Café Pacific)
Teriver Cheung / Fragile / My Nocturne (Tippin’)
Vitaly Golovnev / Three Wishes / What Matters (Tippin’)
Jackie McLean / Blues Inn / Jackie’s Bag (Blue Note)
Cory Weeds / Up Over And Out / Up A Step (Cellar Live)
Hank Mobley / My Groove Your Move / Roll Call (Blue Note)
Dana Hall / Black Mountain / Into The Light (Origin)
John Ellis / It’s You I Like / It’s You I Like (Criss Cross)
Dafnis Prieto / The Magic Danzonette / Proverb Trio (Dafnison Music)
Brooklyn Jazz Underground / Buttermilk Channel / A Portrait Of Brooklyn (BJU)
Pat Metheny / Breakdealer / Unity Band (Nonesuch)

Recent Adds (May/June 2012):
Label : Artist / Title
Omer Avital / Suite Of The East
Daniel Freedman / Bamako By Bus
Melissa Stylianou / Silent Movie
Third World Love / Songs And Portraits
Artistry Music:
Brian Bromberg / Compared To That
3 Brave Souls / 3 Brave Souls
Eddie Gomez / Per Sempre
Jazz Soul Seven / Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield
Steve Smith and Vital Information / Live One Great Night
Daniel Ori / Emuna
Brooklyn Jazz Underground:
Brooklyn Jazz Underground / A Portrait Of Brooklyn
Isaac Darche / Boom-Bap!tism
Anne Mette Iversen / Poetry Of Earth
Arthur Kell / Jester
Cafe Pacific:
David Basse / Uptown
Natalie Cressman and Secret Garden:
Natalie Cressman / Unfolding
Dafnison Music:
Dafnis Prieto / Proverb Trio 
D Clef:
Matt Garrison / Blood Songs
Andrew Swift / Swift Kick
Epicenter feat. Bruce Mishkit / Just The Beginning
Billy Hart / All Our Reasons
Steve Kuhn / Wisteria
E One:
Gregoire Maret / Gregoire Maret
Fresh Sound:
Aruan Ortiz / Orbiting
Grady Champion / Shanachie Days
In + Out:
Amina Figarova / Twelve
FFEAR / Mirage
Mack Avenue:
Kenny Garrett / Seeds From The Underground
Alfredo Rodgriguez / Sounds Of Space
Modern Hot:
Pearl Django / Eleven
Dan Cavanagh Trio / The Heart Of The Geyser
Florian Hoefner Group / Songs Without Words

Todd Bishop / Little Played Little Bird               
Bobby Broom / Upper West Side Story
Dan Cray / Meridies
Amit Friedman / Sunrise
Human Spirit / Dialogue
Joel Miller / Swim
Richard Sussman / Continuum
Rich Thompson Trio / Generations
Romain Collin / The Calling
Sara Gazarek / Blossom and Bee
Kate McGarry / Girl Talk
Spectrum Road / Spectrum Road
Matt Wilson’s Arts and Crafts / An Attitude For Gratitude
Ray Parker:
Ray Parker / Swingin' Never Hurt Nobody
Ralph Bowen / Total Eclipse
Steve Horowitz / New Monsters
Tom Tallitsch / Heads Or Tales
Spike Wilner / La Tendress
Brandon Wright / Journeyman
Bill Evans / Live At Art D’Lugoff’s Top Of The Gate
Single Malt:
Chris Greene / A Group Effort
Sly Dog:
Johnnie Bassett / I Can Make That Happen
State Of The Muse:
Gary Umberto Scapellati / Cosmic Ritual 
David Caceres / David Caceres
Teriver Cheung / My Nocturne
Vitaly Golovnev / What Matters
Tuxedo Records:
Sylvia Herold / The Spider and the Fly

Nick Vayenas / Nick Vayenas
Cory Wong:
Cory Wong / Quartet-Quintet
Your Favorite:
Sarah Elgeti / Into The Open

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