Sunday, May 27, 2012

Todd Bishop - Little Played Little Bird: The Music Of Ornette Coleman

Todd Bishop is a Jazz drummer from Portland, Oregon.  A really good drummer, a very musical drummer, and absolutely fun to listen to.

The Todd Bishop Group has a terrific new release on Origin Records "Little Played Little Bird: The Music of Ornette Coleman".  Todd's group includes Richard Cole and Tim Willcox / reeds, Weber Iago / keyboards, Bill Athens bass.  In case you haven't guessed from the title, it's a collection of Ornette's compositions, there are 9 of them on the cd, all played great!!!

Todd Bishop, the drummer (in case you've lost track), has a very cool blog some might say is written specifically/only for drummers, but I think everyone who plays an instrument, writes music, listens to music...would find it interesting, entertaining, and fun.  He calls the blog "Cruise Ship Drummer" (, although Todd tells us straightaway that he hasn't been on a cruise ship for quite a while.

Check 'em out.  Todd Bishop's (the drummer) cd and blog.

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