Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist – Thursday, May 03, 2012 – 2 PM to 5 PM Pacific

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist – Thursday, May 03, 2012 – 2 PM to 5 PM Pacific
Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)
Recent Adds (March/April/May 2012):
Label : Artist / Title
Vijay Iyer / Accelerando
Rudresh Mahanthappa / Samdhi
Cinque / Catch A Corner
Phil Dwyer Orchestra / Changing Seasons
Omer Avital / Suite Of The East
Amy Cervini / Digging Me Digging You
Daniel Freedman / Bamako By Bus
Melissa Stylianou / Silent Movie
Third World Love / Songs And Portraits
Michael Treni / Boys Night Out
Eddie Gomez / Per Sempre
Jazz Soul Seven / Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield
Blue Bamboo Music:
Chris Cortez / Aunt Nasty
Daniel Ori / Emuna
Brooklyn Jazz Underground:
Josh Ginsburg / Zembla Variations
Anne Mette Iverse / Poetry Of Earth
Chicken Coup:
Tony Monaco / Celebration
Hailey Niswanger / The Keeper
Connection Point:
Alex Goodman Quintet / Bridges
Adrian Cunningham:
Adrian Cunningham / Walkabout
D Clef:
Andrew Swift / Swift Kick
Jim Holman / Explosion!
Billy Hart / All Our Reasons
Steve Kuhn / Wisteria (release date: April 30th)
E One:
Gregoire Maret / Gregoire Maret
Fresh Sound:
Aruan Ortiz / Orbiting
Gut String:
Randy Napoleon / The Jukebox Crowd
Mariane Solivan / Prisoner Of Love
Brian Ho:
Brian Ho / Organic
Vince Mendoza / Nights On Earth
In + Out:
Amina Figarova / Twelve
Jazzed Media:
Judi Silvano / Indigo Moods
Jazz Village:
Ahmad Jamal / Blue Moon: The New York Session
Lot 50:
Louis Durra / The Best Of All Possible Worlds
Mack Avenue:
Kenny Garrett / Seeds From The Underground
Alfredo Rodgriguez / Sounds Of Space
Manner Effect:
Manner Effect / Abundance
Manor Sound:
Nick Moran Trio / No Time Like Now
Ricky Sweum / More Than Imaginable
Dan Cavanagh Trio / The Heart Of The Geyser
Florian Hoefner Group / Songs Without Words

Todd Bishop / Little Played Little Bird                  
Dan Cray / Meridies
Amit Friedman / Sunrise
John Moulder / The Eleventh Hour
Joel Miller / Swim
Dudley Owens Aaron Wright Band / People Calling
Twopool / Traffic Bins
Romain Collin / The Calling
Kate McGarry / Girl Talk
Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts / An Attitude For Gratitude
Plastic Sax:
Ted Nash / The Creep
Jared Gold / Golden Child
Dan Plonsey / New Monsters
Tom Tallitsch / Heads Or Tales
Spike Wilner / La Tendress
Ruby Slippers:
Lisa Hilton / America Impressions
Sharp Nine:
Dmitry Baevsky / The Composers
Brian Charette / Music For Organ Sextette
Joyride / Are You Fer It

Pete Zimmer / Prime Of Life
Whaling City Sound:
Frank D’Rone / Double Exposure
Bruce Kaphan / Quartet
Your Favorite:
Sarah Elgeti / Into The Open

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