Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jazz from Gallery 41 - Upcoming New Releases

Have mentioned in earlier posts a couple of labels that seem to always hit a home run with their new releases.  Let's add to that list BJURECORDS the affiliated record label from The Brooklyn Jazz Underground, an amazing musicians’ collective based in as you may have already guessed Brooklyn, New York.  You can learn more about the them, their history, the musicians involved, the releases in their catalog, performance schedule, and much more by visiting their website (

The most recent pair of recordings to come out of BJU are:

"The Milo Songs" a collection of 7 brilliant compositions by the leader bassist Anne Mette Iversen performing with John Ellis - reeds; Otis Brown III - drums; Danny Grissett - piano.

"Mulberry Street" is from Jeff Fairbanks' Project Hansori with special guest Fred Ho.  This one is a big band recording that features Fairbanks' writing and arranging as well as his trombone playing, and great solos from all.

The third release to be added to our playlist this week is from drummer Bryan Carter.  It's call "Enchantment", a quintet effort that includes Philip Kuehn - bass; Donald Vega - piano; Jeremy Viner - tenor saxophone; Matthew Jodrell - trumpet.

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