Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jazz from Gallery 41 - New Releases/Adds May 18th 2011

There are a coupleorfew labels I am always happy to find a package from and one of those labels is Posi-Tone. The label hits a home run every time, with every single release....haven't heard anything but the best playing, the best writing, the best performances on each new title. This week we are adding two of the latest from Posi-Tone:

"All Wrapped Up" - Organist Jared Gold leading a quartet that includes Ralph Bowen (saxophones), Jim Rotondi (trumpet), and Quincy Davis (drums). A collection of 8 pieces...5 written by Jared, and one each by the other 3 musicians.

"Round Red Light" - Dave Juarez on guitar along with one of my favorite young tenor players Seamus Blake (who has some amazing recordings of his own out), and a rhythm section comprised of John Escreet (piano), Lauren Falls (bass), and Bastian Weinhold (drums).

I always encourage the "indies" to have their music sent this way as well, and this week I've received a couple that I think you will enjoy listening to:

"Fixing A Hole" by the group BMR4. Chris Bernhardt (acoustic bass), Jay Maynihan (tenor sax), Mike Rodbard (drums), Neal Alger (guitar)...also joined on a pair of track by Taku Akiyama (alto sax). This is on Buzz Music...and it smokes!!!!

"Nu-Jive" from saxophonist Troy Roberts along with Silvano Monasterios (keyboards), Eric England (bass), David Chiverton (drums) and a pair of special guests that appear on the burning "Oscar And The Shoe Box" Sammy Figueroa (congas/percussion) and Jose Gregoria-Hernandez (percussion).

Of course every now and again we must go back in time when updating the playlist. Some time ago there was a release by Donald Byrd called "Fancy Free" which I do not think has be re-issued, at least I haven't been able to find it (I'd love to replace the old vinyl if anyone happens to know where I might find a copy). There is however a marvelously funky version of it that was recorded for "Live At The Lighthouse" in April of 1972 when guitarist Grant Green was deep, deep, deep into the funky side of things. His group at the time included Claude Bartee, Jr. (saxophones), Shelton Laster (organ), Gary Coleman (vibes), Wilton Felder (bass), Gregg Williams (drums) and Bobbye Porter Hall (congas/percussion).

And to round out the adds this week, something from Ms. Esther Phillips...speaking of incredibly funky...I decided to add the title track to her 1973 release "Black-Eyed Blues" to the stream.

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