Monday, February 20, 2017

Jazz from Gallery 41 Reactivating Web Broadcasts

We have some exciting news for you.  We are in the process of reactivating the Jazz from Gallery 41 web broadcast.  We will be streaming music 24/7 and our format will of course cover the entire Jazz spectrum...from the Blues to the Avant-Garde.  There will be classic recordings by the Jazz master of the past century as well as new recordings by those artists who are now taking the music to new and exciting places.  Our program schedule will include regular live programs from our studios overlooking the San Francisco Bay, with occasional in-studio guests, interviews and live performances.  The broadcast will be available shortly, so watch this space for more information and the date of the launch.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jazz from Gallery 41 - Interview with producer David Axelrod

Join me this evening at 10 pm Pacific for Jazz from Gallery 41.  I'll be sharing with you a conversation I had in 2007 with David Axelrod who produced with of the biggest Jazz hits of all time, Cannonball Adderley's "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".  Axelrod also produced Lou Rawls "Live", Harold Land's "The Fox" and many others.  That's at 10 pm Pacific this evening on KCSM-FM91 in the SF Bay Area, or streaming at and also streaming on radiofreeamerica

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Cactus" - Drummer Bobby Kapp / Pianist Matthew Shipp new on Northern Spy Records

 Bobby Kapp / Matthew Shepp "Cactus" on Northern Spy

Northern Spy Records staff has admired Bobby Kapp and Matthew Shipp since before starting the label .  While working at the seminal free jazz label ESP-Disk we were immersed in that deep catalog.  It's no small feat that Bobby Kapp's drumming on Noah Howard's "At Judson Hall" and Gato Barbieri's "In Search of the Myster" stood out as incredibly special.  And we marveled at his performance in Henry English's 1967 short film "You See What I'm Saying".  And Matthew Shipp!  We've been lucky enough to catch many life-altering concerts.  Shipp's records are frequently at the top of our list of favorites from the year.

As Clifforn Allen's notes attest, this pairing has only recently come together.  It's thrilling to release the first studio record by this duo.  "Cactus" is a burner.  And it's sure to satisfy fans of both musicians and lead to news ones.

- Adam Downey, NSPY

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jong Wayne performs at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes

Jong Wayne: (left to right) Thom Blum, Ron Pelletier, Charles Kremenak.  16 April 2016 / Godwaffle Noise Pancakes at Noisebridge Hackerspace, San Francisco, CA.